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Acquired Brain Injury Waiver

What is an ABI (Acquired Brain Injury)?

An acquired brain injury (ABI) is the result of damage to the brain by injury or illness. A blow to the head, disease, infection, lack of oxygen, penetration of the skull, violent shaking (e.g., Shaken Baby Syndrome, whiplash), and substance abuse can all cause an ABI. The actual injury to the brain results when bruising, bleeding, swelling, fever, lack of blood or oxygen, shearing or tearing of cells, and/or increased pressure occurs.

The ABI WAIVER PROGRAM was created to help people living with brain injuries recover and live outside of institutional settings. People living with brain injuries deserve to choose who they share time with and where they live. The program was created to protect the civil rights of people recovering.

TLC Homecare Provides the following services under the CT ABI Waiver Program:

  • Homemaker Services- General household activities including meal preparation, vacuuming, etc.

  • Personal Care Assistance- Assistance with activities of daily living, including personal care, hygiene, meal preparation, light housework and community outings.

TLC Homecare's goal is to provide individual and family support to people with acquired brain injury so that they may live successfully in their communities with improved quality of life. If you or your loved one are eligible for services VIA the Connecticut Acquired Brain Injury Waiver please have your care manager contact our office at 203-632-5549 or Call us and we will help you apply!

* Our Caregivers are carefully screened to ensure that they meet all eligibility requirements as well as criminal background checks. TLC is licensed by the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection and fully bonded and insured. Registration# HCA.0000269